video content ideas

Video can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, but it has to be used correctly. I wanted to put together some video content ideas or best practices that I see being used every day. I’ve heard thousands of video pitches come to me from clients or potential clients, some are instant success stories, others are good, and some are unfortunately terrible and cheesy.

Here are some of the best, general, video content ideas:

  • Keep the video under 2 minutes long if possible. Shorter the better. Although people love to watch video, attention spans are getting shorter.
  • Put yourself, or an employee on camera, or even create voice over. Telling your story with a voice (literally) with help it immensely.
  • Show something that the public doesn’t usually see. Go behind the scenes at your business.
  • Think of your video as less of an advertisement and more of a short documentary. Don’t blast your audience with information about a product or a service like an infomercial, but show them why your business is best or why they should buy your product. Do it indirectly.
  • Create something that you yourself would love to watch and SHARE.

A couple things to be weary of:

  • Skits. A lot of skit ideas come my way, but I rarely see them successful unless they’re extremely well executed. More often then not they turn out cheesy, or written about things that only an internal audience would actually find amusing. Another thing to keep in mind is that (usually…) your employees are not actors and therefore do not play, or want to play, convincing roles.
  • Long videos. I said it before, but shorter is better. Usually every long video idea I get can be broken down into multiple videos with separate messaging. Usually, it can be comparable in cost as well. So take that 10 minute video idea, and turn it into 5, 1 minute videos.

Want to run an idea past me? Or hear some ideas that I might have for your business or campaign? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.