About Eric

Eric W. Peterson is a Director, Editor and Camera Operator. He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is available for projects and assignments world-wide.

Although originally from Vancouver, Eric moved at a young age to the small coastal island of Salt Spring. Growing up on such a small (and eccentric) island, Eric learned to appreciate small community values, diverse backgrounds and ideas, as well as a love for nature and the outdoors.

His largest passions in life include anything that get him outdoors and experiencing new things daily. When not busy with work, Eric can be found traveling, cooking or making pizza, riding his bike, skiing, hiking, and enjoying seafood.

Eric started his production business at the age of 16, in the very early days of content creation, making mountain bike films for industry brands. After achieving small success in the sports world, he grew his business to specialize in corporate content. Today you can find him still working for corporate brands, specializing in the aviation sector, recruitment, technology, interview, journalism and documentary.

Over the past decade, Eric has worked with everyone from small local businesses, to some of Canada’s largest brands, including the Canadian federal government. Eric has had his work shown on Global TV, City TV, BNN, PBS, and the CBC. He has also shot stories for CTV News, Bloomberg TV, the Wall Street Journal, Sky News and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as filmed live sports for YouTubeTV.

As part of his client service, Eric likes to bring his small community values to all of his work. Whether you want to reach out for a video project, pizza recipes or to talk about the best things to do on your weekend trip to the island. Give him a call, e-mail or text anytime.

Eric is Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Certified