Web Design


I am a “WordPress Pro.”

Today, over 74 million websites use WordPress to host their content, and WordPress isn’t just for blogging your cooking recipes. Even some notable websites like eBay, The New York Times, Volkswagen, and CNN use it. In fact I use WordPress to host, control, and design this very website.

Most WordPress websites start out as a simple template of your choosing. Then my job is to transform your chosen template into something unique and specific to your needs. I take care of building and managing all your pages, type, videos, and photos until you’re left with something so simple, you don’t need me anymore. You can do the changes whenever you’d like. 

What are some of the differences in using WordPress as opposed to a web designer?
– It’s cheaper. Why? It’s faster to make; therefore it takes less time. After all, time is money!
– It’s faster. Why? Well, things are template driven. There is no need to physically design every aspect of your site. (I’ve even built sites in 1-2 days!)
– You take control over your own site at the end. Editing posts and pages is easy, and it won’t cost more money.
– You don’t need any fancy programs or skills. Just a web browser like Safari, IE, or Firefox.
– You get better search results.

If interested, I am available for a free consultation on my web design services. Just send me an email, or give me a call anytime.

Personal Service

All rates are on a “per job basis.” I don’t like clients to feel like they have a time limit, or that they’re being charged for every minute with me. I will put in as much time as needed for any project. 

When working with me, your working with me every step of the way. I film, I edit, I produce and I manage every aspect of my business from start to finish. You will never be passed off to an assistant and nothing is automated.